Welcome to Zombie Safari!

Book an all inclusive safari to zombie hotspots around the world! With Zombie Safari you will have the chance
to have a safe tour through cosmopolitan cities and see the local zombies in their natural environment.
Treat yourself to an experience you will never forget!

Currently we offer trips to several mayor cities in the new world, with planes leaving every week to get you
your chosen destination. Please be aware that the Zombie Safari's are a safe way* to experience being in a zombie
enviroment. We take pride in not harming or disturbing the creatures and their habitat and we try not to hurt them.

With exclusion of the locations that are flagged bij the union as 'over populated'. for example one of the upcoming travels
in Old New York gives guest the option to upgrade** their trip to
Berzerker. This wil place you in a vehicle specially
modified for terminating as many zombies as possible.

We are sorry to announce that we are currently fully booked for the upcoming months
and that you are not able to book one of our fabulous experiences. Please check back
regularly or sent an email to info@zombiesafari.nl

Eventhough booking is not possible at the moment, our merchandise shops are always open.
o why don't you buy something there?

* as accidents do happen, you will have to sign a no liability waiver before you start your trip.
** upgrading your trip is always possible for a large amount of money. .